Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Citizens Foundation

I very recently found out about this brilliant non-profit organisation called The Citizens Foundation. 

'The Citizens Foundation was founded just 17 years ago and is Pakistan's leading education charity. It builds and operates purpose-built schools in the country to provide modern, holistic and quality education at an economic cost, for disadvantaged children. TCF aims to produce confident, civic-minded young adults, equipped to think for themselves in today's world and realise their potential. TCF now has a nationwide presence in 51 districts and 83 towns across Pakistan with 730 school units (550 primary units & 180 secondary units) teaching over 102,000 underprivileged children - 46% girls - regardless of ethnicity, gender, caste or religion TCF schools are built in deprived areas: urban slums and poor rural villages where the need is most dire and where most children would otherwise not receive an education.'

The area manager of TCF Lahore, Major Ali Sher, kindly took me along to visit two of the schools in a village not far from the city. I couldn't believe how beautiful they were- clean, colourful, well-equipped and surrounded by lush green fields! The head teachers of both schools were very hospitable and took the time out to show me around. I've attached some pictures from my visit below!

For more info check out the TCF website:

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hiran Minar (Minaret of the Antelope)

I took these pictures at Hiran Minar today (just outside Sheikhpura). Hiran Minar was constructed by Emperor Jahangir as a monument to Mansraj, one of his pet deer.

Passing By